My Response to a Cascade Policy Institute ‘Outsider’ Take on Portland.

I was recently asked for feedback by a self-described “conservative libertarian” colleague of mine on a guest op-ed for the right-leaning Cascade Policy Institute (CPI). Happily, I agreed, delving into the piece, and replyied on the article itself (which may still be pending moderation). The op-ed was penned by John Glennon, a research associate at CPI. Like… Continue reading My Response to a Cascade Policy Institute ‘Outsider’ Take on Portland.

‘Jesus Was Black And Wore A Hoodie’

Portland’s second rally and march for Justice for Trayvon Martin in one week took place this weekend. His killer, George Zimmerman, walks free due to racist ‘stand your ground’ laws that have been proven to punish black people while excusing the crimes of whites. Again, good people of moral conscience gathered in a beloved park to speak… Continue reading ‘Jesus Was Black And Wore A Hoodie’

The Ascendancy of Camp Cascadia

In protest of an EPA mandate to bury Portland’s historic water reservoirs, activists and organizers together with the neighbors of this city launched Camp Cascadia at the base of Mt. Tabor last Friday. After years of stagnation from City Hall in procuring a waiver to the plan know as ‘LT2’, the people of this community… Continue reading The Ascendancy of Camp Cascadia

Aqua Team Waiver Force!

A showdown is about to happen on Mt Tabor. Activists and neighborhood organizers are preparing to set up Camp Cascadia in protest of city hall’s failure to secure an LT2 waiver to the costly mandated burying of Portland’s historic water reservoirs. According to organizers, this protest is about far more than just the reservoirs themselves. This… Continue reading Aqua Team Waiver Force!

Cycling Past the Grave of the CRC.

Pedalpalooza is over in Portland for the year. All the corking and fire and mayhem and drinking camaraderie was as enjoyable as ever. It’s always a bit disheartening when Pedalpalooza ends, largely because you don’t want the fun to stop. The other downside is returning to the drudgery of common life and the realizations that… Continue reading Cycling Past the Grave of the CRC.

The Myth of FEMEN

In the last several months, the mainstream media has launched a tsunami of negative criticism towards FEMEN, an international group opposed to dictatorships, religious extremism, and patriarchal persecution of women throughout the world. Like the much beloved Pussy Riot, Femen attacks societal taboo and institutionalized status quo through provocative direct action, exposing their bodies, often withstanding… Continue reading The Myth of FEMEN

Tumblr: A Nexus of Subversive Cognition

Limitless animated cat GIFs. Celebrity obsession, celebrity shaming. Star Trek fashion comedy blogging. An ocean of NSFW pornography. TUMBLR has more hypnotic distraction material than any other social media site to date. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about regressive paid safety-patrollers deleting your profile for uploading a pic of a nipple.… Continue reading Tumblr: A Nexus of Subversive Cognition

Forget It, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

Possibly the most famous closing line to a film, the last utterance of Roman Polanski’s neo-noir Chinatown was meant to convey the sense that no amount of truth-telling or investigative light-shining can stop corrupted bureaus of city government. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film recently or isn’t familiar, Chinatown is loosely based around the real… Continue reading Forget It, Jake. It’s Chinatown.