A Collection of Creative Cycling Graphic Art

The earliest culture expression of the human race we know of was two-dimensional artwork. Painted or etched in stone, the daily realities of ancient mankind tells a great deal about who we were and where we came from tens of thousands of years before written language evolved.

Seeing representations of ourselves affirms who we are, and why we do what we do. This is no different for those who commute and build community via bikes. I’m slightly biased, but the bicycle makes for pretty rad subject material, art-wise.

In trying to reflect the world of cycling, the collection of images below is about the most representative that can be found on Tumblr within a couple hours.

That’s all there really is to say here, which likely makes this the shortest Rebel Metropolis post to date. Hopefully these images inspire you to ride more, and encourage others to do so the same. We can’t all be artists, but virtually everyone can be inspired by art and ride their bikes.

If you happen to live in the Portland, Oregon area, be sure to check out a bevy of bike art in person at Artcrank this Saturday night.

See y’all in the streets.  •••