A Post-Election Question for Liberal Democrats

This blog usually only wades into the cesspool of national politics when there’s a local or urban angle. But we did just have a mid-term election – the results of which means less to me than reactions to the outcome does.

I’ll keep this short.

It’s common for two-term presidents to lose the house and senate in the final years of their administration. Still, there’s been copious disappointment among Democratic party voters stemming from Tuesday’s trouncing. This has confused me, as I’m unclear what it is they feel they’ve lost with a new Republican controlled Senate.

Based on the reactions I’ve seen, you’d have thought a major movement of progressive politics had been brought to its knees. You’d have thought the Age of Enlightenment had just come to an end. That’s the funny thing about politics, though; how people standing right next to each other can be living on totally different planets.

Perhaps a brief review of recent foreign and domestic policy is in order.

In the last six years, Obama and his Democrats have waged bombing campaigns in 7 nations, broken the record for deportations, escalated the drug war, rapidly militarized the US/Mexico border, failed to intervene in the closing of numerous women’s health clinics, vastly increased the CIA’s drone strike program, refused to prosecute a single criminal Wall Street banker, allowed the disastrous KXL tarsands pipeline to be half-constructed, failed to close the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, refused to resign the Kyoto accord or any binding climate treaty, demanded the renewal of the Patriot Act, renewed Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, slashed social assistance programs, endorsed the misguided common core educational curriculum, prosecuted twice as many whistleblowers under the WWI-era Sedition act than all previous presidents combined, has defended the NSA’s domestic surveillance of all Americans, vigorously pushed for the new labor-busting TPP ‘free’ trade agreement, and unanimously voted to support apartheid Israel’s massacre of Gazan citizens.

So my question to you, Liberal Democrats: Just what is scaring you about a Republican controlled congress, exactly?


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