Is America Ready for Its Own Arab Spring?

Well, the nightmare we knew was coming is finally here. Donald Trump is in charge of America. In a matter of hours he proved just how belligerent his administration will be towards workers, women, scientists, and immigrants alike.

Yes this nightmare is now reality, and no amount of drinking will change that. I know, I tried.

Always eager to make matters worse, Senate Democrats have unabashedly voted to confirm Trump’s insane cabinet picks. Elizabeth Warren voted for Ben Carson for HUD secretary. Schumer and Feinstein voted for every one of them they could.

Some have wondered how establishment Dems could possibly go along with this. Isn’t it obvious? They were never afraid of Trump getting elected, just like they aren’t afraid to confirm Trump’s cabinet picks. They pose no threat to their Wallstreet backers, no threat to the status quo of capital. They were afraid of Bernie, he was the one they had to stop.

At least there’s some hope within the halls of government. As you’ve probably heard, various socialist bureaus like NASA and the National Park Service have started up rogue social media accounts to bash back at Trump’s anti-science agenda. To protect those involved, the accounts were quickly transferred from government employees to those without federal credentials. The digital resistance seems well on its way.

In the streets things have been even more exciting. Saturday’s Women’s March saw millions of people outraged at Trump’s regressive agenda take to the commons in DC, New York, LA, Chicago, London, all over the world. It’s believed to be the largest demonstration in US history. Aside from a few Nazis getting punched and limos torched, the demonstrations were peaceful and uplifting.

Then this week two more mass marchers were announced to focus on Science in general and Climate Change specifically. The last New York climate march drew half a million people. This April’s will easily double or triple that.

All of this begs the question: if Democrats are aligning themselves to be complicit with a president liberals have called “literally Hitler” while the public is ready to take the streets and drop banners over the White House, could we be at the beginning of an uprising on par with the 2011 Arab Spring?

All policy critiques aside, it’s hard not to empathize with those who identified strongly with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Seeing thousands of faces Saturday, some fearful, was difficult to be sure. Many of them I doubt have been to a protest in the last 8 years.

Regardless, it’s good to see so many liberals coming back to the values of the Left. We need to restart the anti-war movement. We need more bodies in the street demanding rights for Black Lives. We need people of good conscience speaking out against deportations, and we need people of good science rejecting the fossil fuel industry.

And we need to keep pushing Bernie’s platform of livable wages, free college tuition, and universal single-payer health care.

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Bernie Sanders Speaks at the Vermont Women’s March

Bernie Sanders speaking in front of thousands at the Montpelier, VT statehouse in response to the election of Donald Trump.



  1. What people seem to miss here are the Americans that voted for Trump that are heavly armed and know how to fight. Still again, these narratives always forget about the tens of millions that voted for Trump like its irrelevant which is the left indeed saying so.
    I’m a veteran. If the left started any kind of Arab Spring it will get crushed, first by the government and second by the rest of America.

    1. 17% of Trump voters voted for him but described him as unfit to be president. Voting for Trump was a form of protest.

  2. Are we smashing the state from Seattle Washington?

    Why don’t you move back to Florida and smash it from one of the most powerful regions in the world?

  3. Or you could vote in a Swing State where you have power.

    Didn’t the voters in Swing States change the world?

    Guess what? If you left coasters and Austin hipsters gave a shit you would move to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and register.

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