Rebel Metropolis Bicycle Drunk-Cast: Volume One!

Merry Chrimbus! Hopefully yesterday’s festivities were fulfilling for all and included at least a bit of riding. Okay, on with the show.

Meg Brennan is a dear friend of mine. She is a writer and a poet. She has never owned a car, instead choosing to ride a Nishiki she named Barbara Gordon.

After weeks of procrastinating, we finally sat down last weekend over a heroic ration of cab sauv to talk shop about vehicular cycling, rejecting gender binaries, naming your bicycle, the “Empowerment” complex, and their various respective intersections within the urban cycling movement. We may have also talked a bit of smack on overzealous safety-patrollers, too.

Enjoy this first installment of a drunken podcast-styled conversation recorded at 4AM in my apartment one early Saturday morning.

Happy holidaze!


Rebel Metropolis Bicycle ‘Drunk Cast’ : Volume 1 by Rebel Metropolis

Bikes and bikes and women on bikes.


35503_10100363266088708_1122646739_nPhotos courtesy Meg Brennan.


  1. I stopped wearing a helmet because helmets get hot and uncomfortable here in Texas summer. Also, I think I in some way wearing helmets contributes to the incorrect perception of bicycling as an inherently dangerous activity.

    1. We couldn’t agree with you more, Patrick. Helmets are good for rock-hopping, and downhill courses. They don’t serve much purpose for going grocery shopping other than to perpetuate the myth that bikes are somehow inherently dangerous. Thanks for your comment.

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