#ReplaceBikeWithCar Flips the Script on Auto-centric Whining

Over the weekend, just about everyone in the bicycling-blogosphere jumped on a comedic band-wagon via Twitter by making ironical statements lampooning the double-standard that exists between mindsets of cycling vs. driving, and the understood importance of the infrastructure designed for each. Some were light-hearted cultural observations, others rightly went for the jugular. All were deadly accurate, as many truths are spoken in jest.

By simply replacing the word ‘Bike‘ with the word ‘Car‘, typical excuses for why cyclists are bad people, or why cities can’t afford better bike infrastructure were suddenly made absurd, if they weren’t so already.

Have a look below at some of the sharpest entries.

I couldn’t resist adding my own bit of snark.

Not to be outdone, a #ReplacePedestrianWithCar hasthag started up shortly there after.

The world of bike/ped advocacy must keep using more humor like this if it’s going to breach its own esoteric bubble of wonk rhetoric. Personally, I’ve found much success with firing shots across the bow of the auto-centric American mindset. Some advocates have criticized this kind of approach as divisive, but if they can appreciate the humor showcased above, then surely we’re more on the same page as they’d like to believe.

Got a favorite #ReplaceBikeWithCar tweet you didn’t see above? Post it in the comment section below. Cheers!

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