Our Cities Need Socialism

Remember in 2016 when the McResistance told us that fighting for progressive causes was getting put on hold while all effort would be focused on blocking Trump? Then, predictably, Democrats ended up confirming virtually all of Trump’s nominations and cabinet picks. Alleged maverick and new liberal darling John McCain voted for every one of them,… Continue reading Our Cities Need Socialism

Is America Ready for Its Own Arab Spring?

Well, the nightmare we knew was coming is finally here. Donald Trump is in charge of America. In a matter of hours he proved just how belligerent his administration will be towards workers, women, scientists, and immigrants alike. Yes this nightmare is now reality, and no amount of drinking will change that. I know, I… Continue reading Is America Ready for Its Own Arab Spring?

The Betrayal of Bernie Sanders

Bernie and Hillary may be at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they do have one thing in common: they both want you to take Donald Trump very seriously. As do a lot of voters claiming they’re terrified of Mr. Solid Gold Dumpster Fire. Hillary’s only chance requires distracting us from her record by reinforcing just… Continue reading The Betrayal of Bernie Sanders