Gentrification, By Any Other Name, Is Still Segregation

It was bound to happen. Rather than address pervasive hurdles to global problems, those whose stock dividends depend on maintaining status quo instead splurge on public relation firms to decorate shit cakes with unicorn frosting. We already have ‘forestry stewardship’, ‘clean coal’, ‘sustainable seafood’, ‘green cars’, ‘humane slaughter’, and every liberal capitalist’s favorite: ‘smart growth’. Joining these wholly dishonest marketing clichés is… Continue reading Gentrification, By Any Other Name, Is Still Segregation

Urbanicide: the Murder of Cities

“We wouldn’t have any American economy without the automobile business. That’s literally true. This is a great industry that has to go on and keep turning out more cars and trucks, and there have to be places for them to run – they’ll need more roads, and in order to get that done people are… Continue reading Urbanicide: the Murder of Cities

Treasonous Journalism

“You have a 45mm automatic pistol on your lap, and I have a 35mm camera on my lap, and my weapon is just as powerful as yours. (To Black Panther militant Eldridge Cleaver)” ~ Gordon Parks You know who Edward Snowden is, and you know that what he’s done has stung the government but good. Snowden’s exposure… Continue reading Treasonous Journalism