Rebel Metropolis Bicycle Drunk-Cast: Volume 3!

One windy night last week, cycling poet Meg Brennan joined me in my home to record the third installment of Rebel Metropolis’s drunken bike-themed podcast. Topics of discussion involved Portland’s recent Snowpocalype 2014, using bikes as tools of civil disobedience, pedestrian fatalities, the political spectrum of bicycle advocacy, bike shopping at Wal-Mart, why there aren’t cycling commercials… Continue reading Rebel Metropolis Bicycle Drunk-Cast: Volume 3!

Sneckdown City

The first time I heard the term ‘Snowy Neckdown’ was some four years ago from my girlfriend at the time who’d just graduated with a masters in urban planning from Portland State University. Years later, the term has come to be abbreviated as ‘Sneckdown’ – and with a recent boost from Streetfilms, social media savants,… Continue reading Sneckdown City