Portland Solidarity March for Ferguson: PHOTO ESSAY

Last Thursday saw rallies, marches and actions taking place in over 90 cities across the United States in solidarity with the unfolding events in Ferguson, Missouri. While the situation is ongoing, there can be little doubt about a few basic facts. Michael Brown, a black teenager, was executed by the police for absolutely no reason. Officer Darren… Continue reading Portland Solidarity March for Ferguson: PHOTO ESSAY

The Working Kirk Memorial Bridge

Last week, TriMet announced four finalists in their naming campaign for the new Caruthers street multi-modal bridge over the Willamette River. Over 9,000 entries were submitted. Overwhelmingly, the name ‘Working Kirk Reeves’ was chosen – some 850 times – in honor of the late legendary street performer of the same name. In typical dismissal of… Continue reading The Working Kirk Memorial Bridge

Charlie Hales: CRC Lobbyist

This article was originally published on Blue Oregon. Another week, another 180° change of policy coming out of the mayors office.  Like many Portlanders who supported Charlie Hales’ opponent in the election, I committed to giving Charlie the benefit of the doubt as he took office.  I was even excited when reports that his alleged… Continue reading Charlie Hales: CRC Lobbyist