Which City Will Hillary Clinton Bomb First?

Barring some personal or political tragedy, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. [edit: published prior to Bernie Sanders’ campaign launch] She would be the first female commander in chief of the world’s most violent and active military.

Like every other male president in my lifetime with the exception of Jimmy Carter, Hillary will almost certainly follow the time-honored tradition of ordering bombs to rain down on the cities of nations most Americans couldn’t locate on a map.

Let’s be honest, no matter who’s president, we’ll be at perpetual war. Like Frank Zappa said, the White House is just the entertainment division of the Pentagon. Hillary’s made it clear she’s more than willing to push the war-hawk envelope, however. VICE magazine didn’t hold back last August when they characterized her foreign policy as: “Already terrifying.

It’s not just militarism Hillary champions, it’s good ol’ fashioned disaster capitalism, too.  Just hours after Clinton made her 2016 run official, Grist noted the president-to-be hasn’t met a fossil fuel she doesn’t like. ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips have lavished millions on the Clinton dynasty, prompting Hillary to vote with Republicans for yet more offshore oil drilling.

In her role as Secretary of State, Hillary committed to actively promote fracking abroad in poorer nations where environmental regulations are even weaker than the US. And when it comes to the KXL tarsands pipeline, Clinton just pretends it doesn’t exist. Talk about progressive. tumblr_n7e8ej7Jqc1qcrg73o1_1280 Hillary’s supporters will obviously go to painful lengths to distinguish her from the pool of white Republican men she’ll be running against. They’ll remind us over and over that Hillary is a woman with a uterus and the GOP hates both women and uteruses when they aren’t under their direct control. Still, we’ve seen perhaps the greatest attack on women’s reproductive freedoms from the Right during the current Obama administration.

Will Clinton halt this trend? Don’t bet on it. Like Barack Obama, Clinton will win largely on idolization, not policy. As warned years ago, Obama has gotten away with the kind of things no Republican ever could. As long as a Democrat does it, Liberals turn a blind eye, instead focusing on Hopey Changey feelings.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Clinton admitted her vote in favor of authorizing war against the people of Iraq was a mistake. And that’s the mindset she’ll bring to the Oval office: never doubt, rarely apologize, and remember to periodically rinse the blood off the walls of Fortress America.

In the year 2012, the Obama administration was bombing 7 different nations. In towns, villages, and cities people suffered greatly under Barack’s war machine. When she takes over, which will be the first city Hillary Clinton decides to bomb?

Maybe her good friend Henry Kissinger knows the answer.